Pulido Muriel Tratamiento de suelos Barcelona

Dedicated to the treatment, polished and ground restoration of all type.


Our objective is to offer a service of high quality, professional, precise and customized. The commercial relations justify the interchange of  or a service in exchange for a price, but they do not have because to be a boundary closed to the human treatment. In it we want to affect, to also do of these something pleasant.

Information of contact: Telephone: 93.458.08.67 of 08,00 to 19,00 hours.

C/ Castanyer, 4 - 08022 Barcelona Spain.   e-mail


Reduce, polished and in tune of marble and terrazo.

Vitrified crystallized of marble, terrazo, hydraulic and Roman mosaic.

Integral old ground recovery, hydraulic mosaic and ground of Nolla. Continuous pavement. Installation and repair of Roman mosaic, design and positioning of drawings, anagrams or emblems in this type of pavements.

Positioning, polished restoration and of parquet glued, traditional and floating platforms. Synthetic installation of parquet floating and wood.

Treatment grounds of mud or Toba.

To retire tail of moqueta and cork.

Treatment of sintasol or linoleum.

Colored and protected cement ground positioning .


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